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How to make a referral

Referring your patients to our hospital is simple, provided they meet the safe criteria for treatment…

In order to be referred to us for treatment, the patient must not:

An outpatient appointment is required if:

For diagnostic imaging referrals, the patient must not:

For our Dermatology service patients must:

For our Audiology service patient must:

Please note that we only provide general abdominal, renal and gynaecological ultrasound scanning tests and all of our endoscopy clinics are nurse led. 

As long as the condition is managed, and the patient is stable upon admission for treatment, we can accept patients with:

If the patient meets the above criteria, you can refer them to us in various ways:

The NHS e-Referral Service is our method for patient referrals.

Our patient booking teams have excellent knowledge of how our referral process works, including what can and cannot be accepted. We can arrange training sessions with the people who make your referrals, or provide you with a dedicated phone line to call whenever you have a question.

Via post:
Practice Plus Group Surgical Centre, St Mary’s Portsmouth
Milton Road

If you are posting or emailing a referral, please detail the patient’s medical history and any other relevant information you feel it would be beneficial for our consultant to know.

For ultrasound and echocardiograms, patients will need an appointment. Therefore we require your referral to be provided via post or NHS mail.

Audiology and Opticians referrals can still be received via post, fax and NHS mail.

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Practice Plus Group Surgical Centre, St Mary’s Portsmouth is now providing a new advice and guidance facility

How do you access this service?

Email: cuk.smtcadviceandguidance@nhs.net

Please provide:

The advice and guidance facility will then:

Please ensure that all advice and guidance requests, including all patient identifiable information, are sent via your secure NHS net address.

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